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Network/Systems Administration
We manage your network whether its a small workgroup of computers or a large Windows based Domain you systems and servers will be running at their optimum performance levels.
Helpdesk and Desktop Support
We provide excellent computer support for everyone in your organization via Telephone, Remote Access or On-Site visits. A trusted advisor and support specialist is ready for any technical issues that come up.
Hosted Web Application Services and Development
We can work with your business on designing and implementing customized solutions such as Intranets, Extranets, Web Forms, and Internet based software.
IT Resources Management
You will never have to manage your relations with the large technology companies. We can manage your technical contacts such as warranties RMA's, Support Contracts, Rebates, and all other aspects of your technology purchases.
Server Management and Maintenance
You servers will be regularly patched and updated. We also manage any user accounts, data, software and hardware with relation to your server infrastructure.
Data Protection and Backup Services
We can provide Disaster Recovery in the event of a catastrophe as well as provide regular backups and Off-Site storage of critical data.
VPN and Remote Access Services
Your users can have secure access to your network and applications anywhere an Internet connection is available.
Virus/Spyware Removal, Prevention and Management
The deployment of Anti-Virus software along with managing updates and regular virus scans. This includes spyware cleanup and the deployment if firewalls to filter out malicious software from web browsing.
PC workstation Configuration and Maintenance
All Pc's on in your company will receive regular cleanups, updates and maintenance.
E-mail Spam Filtering
Our Barracuda Spam Firewall can filter out any spam and viruses in your company E-mail. We can customize these settings specifically for your business requirements.
Website, E-mail and Internet Hosting
We have a secure hosting location in California that can host your company website and E-mail. We also provide web design services if needed and secure E-mail accounts with webmail access.
Real-time Monitoring of Critical Business Systems
Our 24/7 monitoring system will make sure your critical systems are always up and running smoothly. An instant alert will notify staff immediately should any outages occur.
Discount Purchasing and Purchasing Management
We have built solid relationships with many technology vendors over the past 10 years and can always provide competitive pricing on all your business technology purchases.
Dedicated Technical Contact
Your business will always have one single point of contact. No more having to sit through a phone queue to re-explain issues over and over again. This single contact will, over time, get to know your business and technology needs on a very high level.
Technology Inventory Management
We can track and keep a running inventory on all of your organizations technology assets and purchases.

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