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Your own full-sized IT Department working for your small business.

Kerinids computer support gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best; running and growing your small business. Our unique technology and professional staff provide managed IT service to small businesses with 5 to 200 employees. Simple pricing tailored to the amount of support you actually need and lightning quick technical methods make it easy to have all the advantages of a fulltime IT department working for your small business. You get access to the kind of IT professionals big companies can afford, but smaller businesses cant justify.

Kerinid Vs. Other Support Models

You want to have smoothly running computer systems that are reliable and hassle free. If everything is running perfectly, the technology disappears and you focus on your business. Since our services are provided at a fixed and fair market price, we are always looking for ways to deliver more efficient and effective IT support. Imagine - the better we manage your systems, the better our business runs too. In short, we become your trusted advisor and technical partner. Compare this with the hourly billed experts that are looking for the next opportunity to start the meter running again. Other advantages can be found HERE




What we do

We provide a wide variety of Information Technology services. Desktop support, server support even networks and complex systems. These offerings are available via a monthly agreement or with our On Demand program.




How we do it

We deliver top notch technical service to your business by using a combination of secure remote access technologies, proprietary hardware, telephone support, Email, IM and regular on-site visits. Your critical business systems are monitored 24/7 via our automated system so you can be free from worrying about next technical headache.

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